Study of causality confronts us with a huge dilemma. Intense controversy has raged for centuries over this topic among the philosophers. At the same time, studies of child development show that infants learn about causal concepts almost from birth, and toddlers have a sophisticated approach to causality. How can causality…

A huge part of the intellectual journey in my life has involved freeing myself from the positivist blinders that were part of our university education. The empiricist philosophy emerges from the rejection of God, and goes on to the rejection of all unobservables. This has created huge problems in understanding…

In this lecture, we will examine global corruption rankings in light of The Four Central Questions which are central to our approach:

  1. WHY are we doing corruption rankings of countries?
  2. What do the numbers mean?
  3. How are they calculated?
  4. What is the impact of the creation of these corruption rankings?

[RG1-Readers Guide 1] This is an introductory post of a sequence on the history of Central Banking, built around Charles Goodhart’s book on the Evolution of Central Banking. We would plan to read one chapter a week and discuss it on posts and/or comments on posts on this blog. Those…

Asad Zaman

BS Math MIT 74, MS Stat 76 & Ph.D. Econ 78 Stanford

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