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  • Peter Gleeson

    Peter Gleeson

    Founder Associate, Revolut

  • Anna Breslin

    Anna Breslin

    GenX writer. Old poems at medium.com/annapoetics Hoping to catch the Medium habit again, but there’s so much life away from the screen.

  • Ali


    Math Teacher. Content Curator. Soccer player. Maradona fan. Mostly write about the lectures I love to learn better. alikayaspor@gmail.com

  • Daniel McNichol

    Daniel McNichol

    Founder & Chief Data Scientist @ Coεmeta (coemeta.xyz) | formerly Associate Director of Analytics & Decision Science @ the Philadelphia Inquirer

  • umair haque

    umair haque


  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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